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Lynn Belanger Memorial Silent Auction

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At our 2012 Gathering in Peterborough, our good friend and fiendish miniaturist extraordinaire, Lynn Belanger, said we must have a silent auction. It had been a great success at the Rochester Small Scales Houseparty the previous year, so the committee said, go ahead Lynn. And she did.

Each gathering since then, we've had a highly successful silent auction, with the proceeds going towards gift certificates for the next year's Gathering registration for random lucky attendees.

Sadly, Lynn died in 2013, but the Silent Auction lives on in her name.

Now is your chance to clear your collection of the pieces taking up the space you want for your wonderful new treasures.

Bring them to Gathering to be auctioned off to a new home, where they will be loved and appreciated.

Suggestions for donations:
  • Unopened (or only-been-opened-once-and-then-tucked-away) kits
  • Unfinished kits
  • Half-done project (with or without bits)
  • Furniture, dolls, accessories you've acquired but now realise you will never never use
  • Materials and supplies that could really be useful -- to someone else
  • Boxes of intriguing bits and pieces
Be mindful of size, please. No huge houses, although roomboxes would be all right.


Prior to the Gathering, please provide us with an item description(s) and approximate value.
We need this information by April 15th 2018 in order to make up a bid sheet for each item.
Please email your donation information to Harriet

If you have no idea of the value, just make an educated guess estimate. For random bits and pieces, such as wallpaper, wood stock, kit parts, we will compile like items from donors, and set the value.

You will bring your item(s) to the Friday registration table. Look for the Silent Auction sign.

The Auction will be held during Saturday Dinner.

And don't forget, you can pick up some bargains for yourself, to take home and USE. (or tuck away in all that newly created space).

What doesn't get auctioned will be returned to its doner to take back home.

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