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Get set to travel with this

Luggage Set:
Rolling Suitcase
with Shoulder Bag


Judith Blondell

The suitcase and carrying bag are deep red, textured leather.

The suitcase has a pull-out handle and two rolling wheels on the bottom. Also a zipper around ( though it does not open) and a big front pocket with a zipper. ( it's possible to leave this pocket open to slip a newspaper or a book in it).

The shoulder bag also has a zipper on the top (but it can't be opened)

Price $110    Scale 1 inch (1:12)

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The Master of the Castle
with Stewart Dress Tartan


Janet Harvie

This is a Builders Foam project. It is a bookcase piece. It stands 9 inches tall and is 6 inches square.

The foam will be cut for you. You will then texture, paint, tone and assemble.

You will make the window, install and hang the curtain.

You will make the bookcase. All items or reasonable facsimile are included. We will have a quick lesson on making the books.

You will make the wall crest. Then you will paint the desk and chair. You will upholster the chair.

There are no fancy tools required. I will send a tool list to students.

Price $150    Scale 1 inch (1:12 scale)

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A Castle Keep
from a laser-cut kit -- with choices


Liz West

Whether you decide to finish this Castle Keep as medieval or give it a more modern flair, this project will be a fantastic addition to your collection.

There are 3 floors, each with towering walls to allow for your choice of coffered, barrel or vaulted ceilings.

You can choose the ones you like at class.

The main floor walls are done in wainscoting with a section near the top to display banners, pictures or family shields. The other walls are faux stucco.

Keeps were made of stone and are cold so there is a fireplace on each floor.

You can choose the design you like at class. NOTE: fireplaces are missing in picture (I'm still working on them)

The parapet on top is a great lookout for your soldiers or you could even put in a garden, depending on the era you choose to do your project in.

The outside graphic package may be different than shown

This kit is not lit but could easily be transformed with chandeliers and wall sconces.

There will be furniture and accessory kits available to complete your keep, all sold separately.

I hope you will join me in making this castle keep

Price $150    Scale 1/4 inch (1:48 scale)

(post-Gathering price will be $235)


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