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Immerse yourself in Celtic history in

The Book of Kells


Gayle Baillargeon

The kit includes everything to create this miniature book with 1/4 scale interior scene including LED lighting in the ceiling.

3 inches high.

  • X-acto Knife
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Stain pen with stain colour of your choice ( sample is Min-Wax red oak)
  • Wood glue
  • Tacky glue (The Ultimate by Crafters Pick is best)

Price $40    Scale 1/4 inch (1:48 scale)

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Wicker Rectangular Planter


Kim Stewart
IGMA Artisan

In this workshop students will learn to weave a Rectangular Planter using waxed linen thread woven over paper covered wires that are set into a pre-drilled wooden base complete with a lower shelf.

The diamond pattern will be optional.

Tool List
  • lamp
  • 6" ruler
  • sand paper 220 grit
  • wire cutters
  • glue syringe (optional)
All other materials will be provided

Price $45    Scale: 1 inch (1:12 scale)

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West Highland and Scottish Terriers


Karl Blindheim

I will customize a pair of dogs, a West Highland Terrier and a Scottish terrier, and their positions for each individual student.

The student can contact me directly and let me know which poses they want for their two dogs. At the class itself, we will paint and finish the dogs.

Price $140    Scale 1 inch (1:12 scale)

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Elegant Silk Corset
Vintage or Celtic


Karen Bowman

In this class you will hand sew a beautiful silk wired corset, embellished with lace, pearls, ribbon, bows or rosettes.

The back will lace up and fit a 1/12th scale doll.

The stand isn't included.

Tool list
  • Small Sharp pointed scissors
  • fine curved pointed tweezers or forceps
  • Fine sewing needle and threader if needed
  • Fine ( silk) straight pins
  • white thread for vintage or black for tartan
  • Aleene's Tacky glue

Price $40    Scale 1 inch (1:12 scale)

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