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Tune up your bagpipes and buckle your kilt.
You are invited to
A Gathering of the Clans
at the lovely Glen House Resort in Gananoque, Ontario

If you've no Scots blood in you, we will offer a wee dram of Scotch to get you ready to party.


You'll have to part with a wee bit of silver. But only $385 for 2 nights lodging and 6 hearty meals and a mini bit of Highland Games.

It's no so much when you see what we have planned.

So make your plans now to join all your favourite mini friends for a weekend in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Take the high road or the low road...there's something for everyone at

A Gathering of the Clans

Plan to come early,
because we're starting the Gathering off with two time-honoured sports of Scotland

A round of golf (aye, well, miniature golf) at 2:00 p.m. on Friday.

Then we'll gather at 2:30 for another round, this time a round of Uisge Beatha.
Join us for a Little Taste of Scotland at our welcome reception.

We will have a wee dram or two of the tastiest single malts around,
paired with some light traditional Scottish treats.

What better way to connect with the Gathering Clans, than at our Taste of Scotland cèilidh.

Bonnie Scotland Display Competition

Create a display to bring for show.
  • any scale
  • not more than 12 inches by 12 inches
Whether your Heart's in the Highlands, or you're a Lowland Lass or Laddie, share with us your favourite Scottish setting:
  • your own ancestry (actual or imagined)
  • an historic event
  • a favourite book
  • a special movie
  • the trip of a lifetime
  • anything you like that portrays your vision of Scotland.
Give your entry a title, but hide your name, so no one knows who the creators are.
Winners will be announced at dinner Saturday.

(Ahhh, men in kilts are so popular on book covers....)

Margaret Everett Miniatures Award - New this year

This year we would like to introduce the Margaret Everett Award as a memorial to one of the founders of our hobby in Canada.

Back in the 1970s, when the hobby was young (and so were we!) Margaret was instrumental in establishing several Ontario clubs, including MET, as well as the Ontario Gathering itself, when it was under the NAME banner. From that time until her death earlier this year Margaret was always encouraging and enthusiastic in her support of miniaturists.

The Margaret Everett Award is specifically connected to Gatherings (because we know there are so many other aspects to her miniatures life) It will be given to a person who has contributed to and promoted the miniature hobby in Canada through their enthusiasm, time and talent.

Please use the submission box on the Time and Talent form to nominate someone you think deserves this award. The nominations will be complied and the award announced at the Gathering. In the case of a tie the winner will be decided by the Gathering committee.


Saturday during the day, as well as Sunday Morning, are the times for working on workshops.

You can enrol ahead of time for a Registered Workshop or
Work on a Quick Kit or two or
bring one of your own projects to work on at the UFO Table

Registered Workshops

Enhance your visit by taking a workshop given by one of our many talented artisans.
All day Saturday, Sunday Morning, or Saturday and Sunday.


Quick Kits

We always have a grand array of Quick Kit Workshops from our attendees, to work on at the Gathering or to take home with you.

If you'd like to submit a Quick Kit idea for approval, please complete the Time and Talent form or contact Janet Harvie.

Kits are generally in the $5 to $10 dollar range, though it could be more.

She must receive your information by March 15, 2018.

Come to the Market Square

You'll find a whean of treasures at the Market in the Town Square.
1 hour each night, Friday and Saturday.

If you wish to offer your handcrafted wares for sale, fill out the Artisan Contract , or notify Linda Beaupre.

Saturday Night Banquet

You're all invited to a gala Scottish Feast, so be sure to put on your finest (or most amazing) Scottish gear, for a grand night of festivities.

Table Gifts

You have the option to sit at a 1/12 scale table or ¼ scale table. (Don't worry they aren't really that size).

Increase your own, and everybody else's, enjoyment of the Gathering by following the Saturday night tradition of exchanging wee gifties with the seven other people at your table. Please remember what scale table you are sitting at and have gifts in that scale.

While a value of $3-5 is suggested, most are handmade items which are valued by the recipients as a wonderful reminder of the Gathering. 

Giving is optional. 


Gathering Helpers

Gathering Helpers are items raffled off to help with current gathering expenses, donated by clubs, groups or individuals. They could be a small room box or vignette, or a single piece such as a dressed doll, a special piece of furniture, or a very nice accessory piece.

They usually run at a value of at least $50, but many are worth far more. The Gathering Helpers are kept on display throughout the weekend while the tickets are being sold. The winning tickets are pulled at the Sunday lunch.

They need not be theme related

If you wish to donate one, please complete the Time and Talent form or contact Susan Williamson



You've worked gey hard and long in your wee lonely croft all year; now is the time to share the fruits of your cleverness and talent with all your friends.

Everybody loves to see what other people have been doing, so we hope to have lots of displays: room boxes, dollhouses or individual items.

If you plan to bring something, please complete the Time and Talent form or contact Adrian or Elizabeth Let us know the size, and if you need an outlet. Please bring your own lighting and extension cord.

Be sure to include a card with some information about it.


We could not possibly run the Gathering without lots of volunteers to handle small but mighty tasks.

It's a great way to get involved.

Click here to find out the many ways you can help out as a volunteer.

Exchange Gifts

You can bring a gift for another lucky miniaturist, of a value of around $20.

Bring something in 1 inch or 1/4 inch scale (not both please) and you will receive in exchange a gift in the same scale. Please, no books or kits.

Be sure to have your name prominently displayed on the see-through package.

Contact Cathy with any questions

Everything Else

Don't forget the Mini-Swap and the Silent Auction too.

Name Tag Holders - New this year

This year, can you please bring your own name tag holder, either from a previous Gathering or any other event you've attended.

Let's see how many different colours we end up with.

(We will have a few old ones just in case--first come first served)

Want to stay an extra night or two?

Contact the Glen House Resort and request the special room rate of $85 for Gathering Attendees.

Want to sit with your friends at meals?

Contact Gayle Baillargeon with your request, bearing in mind that Quarter Inch and One Inch tables can't be mixed. Requests must be in by February 1, 2018

Car Pooling - New This Year

If you need a lift, or would like to offer a lift -- and enjoy having a travelling companion,
fill out the Car Pooling form and submit it.

The tartan wallpaper is taken from a serviette my grandparents brought home from Scotland many years ago.
Questions about the Website? Contact the Webmaster, Susan Daly